Head of Matchmaking

Pod People is seeking an experienced team builder, natural connector, and work-smarter-not-harder individual to oversee sourcing and staffing the right candidates for each of our clients’ audio projects from our global community of audio professionals. This role will serve as the Head of Matchmaking for Pod People, and help build out the next phase of our business model as we continue to grow.

Ideal candidates will have A+ client management and project management skills, with a brain that loves solving puzzles and creating better, more efficient systems and workflows. They will oversee staffing multiple roles each week for both our client projects, and for internal roles for Pod People’s in-house productions. You should be a Type A person with a passion for organizing systems and an eye for areas of improvement and best practices.

A background in audio production is not required, but experience in media will be extremely useful!

Skills & Experience

  • SELF-DIRECTED SENIOR LEADER with 3+ years experience building winning teams, and (ideally) a deep understanding of the skills and roles required across every kind of genre/format
  • ANALYTICAL & PROCESS-ORIENTED person with serious AirTable skills who thrives on being 3 steps ahead of the rest of the team
  • DIPLOMATIC CLIENT MANAGER who can deftly navigate complex relationships with clients and industry partners, manage expectations, and educate when needed
  • EXCELLENT PROJECT MANAGER who keeps all the balls in the air; bonus points for product management experience who can assist as we build out our technology platform.
  • SKILLED MANAGER with 3+ years experience managing people and teams, who loves coaching/mentoring and has a knack for fostering young talent
  • PROFESSIONAL NETWORKER with a rolodex of audio creators, who loves nothing more than matching the right person to the right job or work project
  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION IN AUDIO is something that you think about in all of the work that you do, and you’re committed to creating a more equitable industry for ALL creators


  • Participate in client meetings to establish Matchmaking project details (i.e. role requirements, job responsibilities, timeline and suggested rate for the job)
  • Craft accurate Matchmaking job descriptions to ensure that we’re sending excellent (and fair!) opportunities to our community, and pushing the audio industry’s standards forward
  • Source top candidates for each role from within our community database and, when needed, spearhead outside sourcing (LinkedIn, referrals, relevant industry sites, etc.)
  • Create polished and creative presentations of top candidates for each role
  • Improve processes and workflows for existing systems
  • Provide insight and advice as we build the platform and technology to make our Matchmaking process more efficient and scalable
  • Actively and creatively recruit new community members with an emphasis on POC and marginalized creators, as well as senior-level candidates
  • Assist in the creation of resources like Industry Titles & Rates Sheet, Rate Calculator, and more
  • Work with the Head of Community to strategize and build the future of our Community, including events, social media engagement, and more

Compensation and Benefits

This is full-time role with medical and dental benefits and competitive salary, commensurate with experience and location (cost of living). Pod People also offers a welcoming and inclusive company culture with unlimited vacation and time-off policy, a 3-day weekend each month, and the ability to earn equity in the company over time.