Impactful podcasts tell powerful stories & are created in collaboration with a shared vision. We partner with fearless brands to share their stories in the most engaging, intimate, and thoughtful way possible: through audio.

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We've spent over a decade helping innovative companies and fearless entrepreneurs — from pre-seed to Fortune 500s — tell their stories across every medium.

At Pod People, we’re obsessed with podcasts and the talented people who make them. So, we’ve created a hub to bring together the industry's best independent producers and compelling audio projects.

One in three Americans say they’ve listened to a podcast, yet how podcasts come together is still a mystery.



Pod People is a curated community of the world’s best independent producers, editors, audio engineers, sound designers, and small studios from all over the world. We know each of their skill sets personally, so we will thoughtfully connect you to the perfect team to produce a creative, original, and professional podcast for your brand.


Say your company is ready to start one, and you’re looking for a producer. You have two options: mine through a massive database online, or ask the social media abyss for a referral. Either way, you’re unlikely to find your best match.

Based on your brand's vision, we'll match you with the absolute best producers for your project, and guide the process from conception to launch.