One in three Americans say they’ve listened to a podcast, yet how podcasts come together is still a mystery.

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Say your company is ready to start one, and you’re looking for a producer. You have two options: mine through a massive database online, or ask the social media abyss for a referral. Either way, you’re unlikely to find your best match.

Pod People is a curated community of the world’s best independent producers, editors, audio engineers, sound designers, and small studios from all over the world. We know each of their skill sets personally, so we can thoughtfully connect you to the perfect team.

Based on your brand's vision, we'll match you with the absolute best producer(s) for your project, and guide the process from conception to launch.

At Pod People, we've spent over a decade helping innovative companies and fearless entrepreneurs — from pre-seed to Fortune 500s — tell their stories across every medium.

The next frontier of branded content is audio, and right now, most branded podcasts are terrible. Out of the 500K in existence, most lack structure, creativity, and/or sound quality.

We’ll help you concept a brilliant show format that stands out from the noise, while highlighting your brand values and supporting your business goals.

Why make a podcast?

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Yes, podcasts are having a heyday, but they're nothing new — audio is one of the oldest, most intimate and engaging forms of storytelling.

Podcast listeners — all 112M of them — are exactly who you want to connect with: young, educated, inquisitive folks with disposable income they're happy to give to the brands who understand them.

And someone who listens to your brand's show is consciously immersing themselves in your world, letting you talk directly into their ear for 30 minutes at a time — not just reading a passing tweet or mindlessly scrolling by a photo.

(85% of people listen through to the end of a show, BTW.)

Podcasts are:

  • Intimate: Listeners feel close to the speaker — like they're chatting over coffee with a friend or someone they admire

  • Convenient: Unlike TV and other visual mediums, podcasts can be consumed anytime, anywhere: people tune in while driving, cleaning the house, walking the dog, etc.

  • Thoughtful: Podcasting allows you to tell your company's story exactly how you want, instead of relying on platforms you have less control over

  • Affordable: While amazing content always costs money, audio costs far less to create than video

Can't anyone with a microphone make a podcast?

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Sure — the technology is simple enough. But crafting a compelling narrative is complex, especially in an audio-only format, because there are no visual cues to rely on.

Fortunately, we’ve got the world’s best sound designers and writers right here, ready to help your company create something beautiful, weird, fantastical, emotional, hilarious, or all of the above.

List of Services

  • Full Service: We’ll help you conceptualize the show, pull together the right team from the community, and handle the production from initial consultation to launch.

  • Consulting: Perhaps you’ve got a show going already, and you want to make it better? We’ll help you figure out how to take it to the next stage in terms of creativity and production value.

  • Matchmaking: Whether you need a producer, editor, sound designer, or composer, we’ll find you the best fit within our community and put you in touch.

  • Contractors: If you need someone for a short-term project, we can find you the perfect person based on their skill set, location, and rates.

  • Full-Time Employees: Ready to double down and bring podcasting in house? We’ll find you the candidates best suited for your needs.